Solution for efficient compartmentalization and partition of spaces at the renovation site.

Condicon saves

Condicon is solution

  1. 80% of time
  2. Money up to 50%
  3. The environment, no waste material
  1. Effective dust control

  2. Labor safe
  3. Stylish, clean and tidy
  4. Reduces the need for evading spaces
We provide conditions that you can control.
Pitkä osastointi seinä ja asenta aja sinisessä kypärässä sekä keltaisessa työpaidassaSeinän nostaminen ylös asentajan toimesta.Two man carry the wall panellocking the wall panel by the footman is setting the wall panelOsastointi seinä jossa on ovi

Condicon temporary wall system is designed for circular economy

✔️ Modular structure of concept for minimum waste
✔️ All materials recyclable
✔️ All parts exchangeable for longer life cycle
✔️ Recycled / recyclable plastic
✔️ Wearing parts commercially available, recyclable
✔️ Maintenance, spare parts + repair service for extended life cycle

Efficient short term sheltering

No disturbances for regular operations

Condicon wall is the proper solution for cases looking for high quality short term sheltering where complete isolation and speedy installation are of essence. Condicon temporary wall system improves labor safety both during installation and in use. All materials are 100 % recyclable, significantly reducing construction waste and environmental strain.

Whether the case is of schools, hospitals, airports or other business premises, a tidy and stylish temporary wall reduces need for evading spaces making continuation of regular operations possible. Condicon separates spaces seamlessly and is easily transferred with the progress of the project. A complete wall system comprises wall, door and adjustment elements; these render the protection of the tricky fringe and roof areas. Fast installation and dismantling reduce further the disturbance to daily operations.

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