Condicon Products


Standard element
Width: 1 015mm
Height: 2 170 - 3 300 mm
Weight: 26 kg


Fitting element
Width: 615 mm
Height: 2 170 - 3 300 mm
Weight: 21 kg


Fitting element
Width: 515 mm
Height: 2 170 - 3 300 mm
Weight: 20 kg


Fitting element
Width: 315 mm
Height: 2 170 - 3 300 mm
Weight: 17 kg


Available for separate order
Width: 1 215 mm
Height: 2 110 mm
Weight: 29 kg


Width: 1 015 mm
Korkeus: 2 110 mm
Weight: 29 kg

CONDICON Wall System

Condicon temporary wall system comprises various wall elements with which the user can compartmentalize or separate different spaces from each others. The base element of the system is a wall that is 1 meter wide and that scales up vertically from 2,2 meters up to 3,3 meters. The system consists of wall elements with different width, which can be used to cover up most target areas. The system includes also an insulation cellular rubber bar that can cover gaps of 30-80 mm.
The products are made of aluminum and polycarbonate honeycomb board that have been connected to each other so that the maintainability is excellent. The seals are primarily of cellular rubber which is easy to replace and fix. The structure consists of two separate movable profile assemblies that together form a wall element.

The system comprises wall elements with widths covering 1000, 600, 500, 300 and 1200 mm, where the base element is 1000 mm. The system includes also a seamlessly fitting door element and a 90-degree corner element.

The system enables fast and cost-efficient compartmentalization and sheltering of different spaces, as well as motion between these spaces. Condicon wall system is an easily updated, transferrable circular economy solution that delivers complete protection.

- Cost-efficient
- Dust proof

- Heat insulation
- UV protection
- Easy to use

The installation of the products is simple and can be performed by one person even though handling is more fluent by two persons. The element can be provided with an inlet panel through which e.g. water hoses, pipes and electrical cables can be taken dust proof to both sides of the compartmentalized area. The panels can be pierced manually for different sized openings that may be needed for the works. The panel can easily be changed to a new complete panel after the use.
Seinän nostokaksi meistä asentaa seinääseinä lukitaan paikalleenAsenta nostaa ovea
Lifting to the desired height manually.
Locking to the required height with a spring-loaded locking element. 
Tightening between the ceiling and the floor with eccentric shaft and gas springs. 
The next wall is attached with hinges.

The installation time for a Condicon wall is typically 10% of the time required for assembling a similar compartment wall from disposable materials. Additionally, a shorter installation time reduces disruption to adjacent spaces in use.

The savings generated in installation time save euros in the construction budget!

Installing the wall is straightforward and can be done by a single installer. However, handling the elements is smoother as a pair.

It is possible to create openings of various sizes in the panel of the wall element as needed. After use, the penetration panel can be conveniently replaced with a new undamaged panel."