Clear Partition Wall Facilitates Customer Service in the Hospital

Subject: District Hospital
Separate customer service areas from spaces undergoing basic renovation
Assembly time:
4 hours
Partition wall meters:

Kuva seinästä rakennustyömaalla

Condicon's wall system was used in connection with the hospital's renovation. During the hospital's renovation, there was a need to clearly separate the hospital's undergoing renovation entrance and registration hall from other everyday functions of the hospital. Through partitioning, the dust and noise nuisances related to the renovation were contained on the construction site.

With the wall system, the space was divided in a way that the normal functions related to hospital arrivals could continue despite the renovation in the lobby areas. As a result, the hospital's operations could continue in the existing spaces without temporary facilities throughout the renovation.

The partitioning was done using temporary protective walls. To isolate a space of 64 square meters, 32 meters of protective wall were needed. The installation of the protective walls took four hours, whereas an alternative solution would have required two days of work.

The hospital staff was satisfied with the solution and its functionality from the user's perspective. The company that performed the renovation was content with the speed, effectiveness, and lockability of the partitioning.